Scientific upward progresses of Iranian scientists take new dimensions every day.


Date: 7/24/2010 11:26:36 PM
President of Babol Noshirvani Universityof Technology said: ascending scientific progresses of Iranian scientists takenew aspects every day, so we can see the invention of new science and new scienceachievement in our country.
Dr. Asskar Janalizadeh during the interview also congratulated the fourth nationalceremony of nuclear energy asserted:
Self-important is themajor factor for scientific progress and reaching to international horizons.
He said one of the most obvious reason of scientistsadvances in various sciences are self-esteem and reliance on indigenousknowledge and independence to foreigners, which caused scientific andtechnology progress in our country to be remarkably fast.
He said that today we are faced with the undeniable fact that Islamic Republicof Iran can achieve to technology Science and Technology successes Day so thateven the enemies of scientific progress Iranians speak clearly of iran'sachievements. .
He pointed out: The result of this unprecedentedgrowth and progress of the country are observable on access to the full nuclearfuel cycle, uranium enrichment, progress in advanced defensive weapons, making andlaunching different satellites into space, and stem cell cloning, progress inmodern science such as Nano-technology and biotech, growing up of medical andscience and the ability to acquire oil and petrochemical industries.

Dr. Asskar Janalizadeh pointedout that achievement of the lofty position in academic world has reached by theefforts of experts and researchers, especially young researchers which astonishedworldwide. He continued: "Today the Islamic Iran steps in sustainabledevelopment based on visions of 20-year and follows new horizons of knowledge consequently.
He pointed to the emphases of supreme leader in softwareand knowledge production and said: we should produce up-to-date knowledge sothat come to stand by the aliens.
According to the his speech, the universities are as the most importantfactors in developing countries and human resources and graduates play animportant role with employment in the key industries in this regard.
Dr. Asskar Janalizadeh with referring tothe high position of this university around the international added: "Theuniversity-industry relationship if this niversity is very strong and itsscientific capabilities are in the areas of energy, environment, nanobiotechnology, fuel cell, information technology and aerospace in the world.

He said nationwide student roboticscompetitions, Congress of Fluid Dynamics, conferences manufacturing engineeringand etc.  at this university can beconsidered towards production of science and technology.

Dr.Asskar Janalizadeh said the election of Dr. Davood Domiri Ganji for the third time as theworld's top scientists in 2010 are another great honor of our university. Healso congratulates this great success to the scientific community and asked formore investment in technology, considering the position of teachers andresearch and laboratory infrastructure.
He pointed out that now Babol Noshirvani University of Technology signed cooperationagreement with several provinces. He also added: "There are currentlyuniversity students and professors with outstanding national and international levelso this university is ready to work for scientific development areas of industrialtechnology.
University president pointed to a message of supreme leader in New Yearannounced: all scientists, professors, students and academic staff must trydouble for the dignity of Islamic Iran and this important message should beshown.
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